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How To Use Heat Therapy For Menstrual Pain

Commonly referred to as cramps, menstrual pain occurs before (premenstrual signs) or during 

periods. The contractions in the muscles around the uterus cause a painful sensation. Prostaglandins are substances released during your menstrual cycle. They are responsible for expelling the uterus lining (endometrium), the by-product of which is menstrual pain.

Heat therapy is an effective solution to cramps. It skips the side effects of over-the-counter painkillers. Instead of resorting to harmful medications, learn how to use heat therapy for menstrual pain.

Why Heat Therapy?

Heat therapy is a centuries-old approach to cramps and body aches. You may have seen family members or your elders using heat water bottles or warm towels. This solution is passed down and retains its efficiency in the modern day. It raises the temperature in the area of pain. Warmth triggers better blood circulation and soothes discomfort.

The present-day technology combines heat therapy with stick-on patches. These patches, called BluHeat Cramp Care, activate once applied to the pain area. It generates steady warmth and eases pain. Here's why heat therapy is a better-suited option for menstrual pain:

  • Non-invasive: Non-invasive cramp care like BluHeat Cramp Care is completely chemical-free. You can go about your day hassle-free.
  • Soothes muscles: Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for cramps. If your cramps are mild, they fall under primary dysmenorrhea.
  • Improves mobility: Heat therapy heals stiff muscles in the lower abdomen. Because the effects kick in instantly, you can move around quickly.
  • Zero side-effects: Painkillers build up to long-term side-effects. Heat therapy, on the other hand, causes no side effects. It is a natural method to heal muscle spasms.
  • Tested method: Apart from menstrual cramps, heat therapy is used for ages for injuries and body aches. Physicians recommend it for menstrual cramps due to its reliable results.
  • Long-lasting: When you take painkillers, they regulate cramps for a day. Heat therapy offers the same results.

Symptoms of Menstrual Pain

Cramps in the lower abdomen during your menstrual cycle are called menstrual pain. Its symptoms vary from bearable to mild to severe.

Bothersome signs:

  • Intermittent pain
  • Fluctuations in pain intensity, frequently going back to zero.

Mild signs:

  • Sharp stomach ache
  • Dull headache
  • Back pain
  • Aching thighs

Severe signs:

  • Diarrhea
  • Giddiness
  • Fatigue
  • Body pain, including feet, thighs, back, and stomach
  • Nausea
  • Stabbing headache
  • Lethargy

Most women experience mild symptoms, all of which can be treated with BluHeat Cramp Care patches. Severe symptoms need to be medically tested. They could be symptoms of other disorders associated with the menstrual cycle.

How Heat Therapy Helps With Menstrual Pain

Using heat therapy for menstrual pain is a step in the right direction when it comes to menstrual care. Nerve compressions around the uterus and pelvic region result in cramps. Heat therapy tackles these contractions in a non-invasive way.

Instead of controlling the production of prostaglandins, heat therapy treats the problem directly. It focuses heat on the area where cramps are. See the positive effects given below:

  • Circulates blood: Cramps usually prevent blood flow to the area of pain. When heat is applied, it directs blood flow there. This eases cramps and offers pain relief.
  • Reduces inflammation: Stress in the muscles can make cramps worse. Heat therapy alleviates muscle tension. It brings down swelling and inflammation during menstrual cramps.

BluHeat Vs. Painkillers 

Unlike over-the-counter painkillers, BluHeat Cramp Care is non-invasive. It does not lead to future medical issues. It is as effective as painkillers, minus health problems in the long run. Use BluHeat to avoid the following side effects of pain killers:

  • Constipation: Popping pills to subside menstrual cramps results in slow digestion. Painkillers reduce or altogether stop the production of prostaglandins. It is important to the digestive system.
  • Dizziness: Painkillers can make you feel sleepy and, sometimes, dizzy. Although it will reduce period pain, it will temporarily destroy your ability to focus on the task.
  • Stomach ulcers: Those who are used to over-the-counter drugs are at a higher risk of developing stomach ulcers. They eventually form in the folds of your small intestine and cause serious bleeding.

Tips—How to use heat therapy for menstrual pain?

A portable and user-friendly heat therapy product is BluHeat Cramp Care. It comes in packs of 3, 6 and 9 patches. Using heat therapy for menstrual pain is a great step towards relieving menstrual cramps. However, before you commit to the process, please read the do's and don'ts given below:


  • Remove the patch and apply it on top of the inner side of your undergarments, depending on whether the pain is focused on the upper or lower abdomen.
  • Give it 5 - 10 minutes to kick in. Relax and put your activities on hold during break if you're at work. When you return to your daily routine, the pain will be treated.
  • One BluHeat Cramp Care can sustain you for at least 8 hours. Repeat the same the next day if you get cramps for more than one day.


  • Sleeping with it on is not advised. Of course, it is dermatology-tested, but it could slip off in sleep. Therefore, using it when awake and going about your day is best.
  • BluHeat Cramp Care is only suitable for menstrual cramps. There are different products for injury-induced swelling.

Go-To Heat Therapy In BluHeat

At Nysh, discover an advanced solution to period cramps. Our health experts combined traditional treatment with cutthroat technology and formed BluHeat Cramp Care by Nysh. It rids you of all the side effects painkillers cause. Besides, sticking it on is easier than carrying around heat bottles. Feel instant relief and get back to your daily tasks with ease.


1. What is BluHeat Cramp Care made of?

BluHeat Cramp Care uses heat therapy for menstrual pain in a non-invasive way. It is made of salt, activated carbon, iron powder, and vermiculite. It is 100% eco-friendly.

2. How does BluHeat Cramp Care help cramps?

BluHeat Cramp Care takes matters into its hands and offers focused heat. Within 20 minutes, your period pain will reduce.

3. How to use BluHeat Cramp Care?

Heat therapy in the form of BluHeat Cramp Care patches is user-friendly. You can lay it on top of a cloth-like your undergarments and relax.