Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is WARMEE made of and how does it work?

WARMEE is made of absolutely safe and natural ingredients like water, vermiculite, carbon, iron powder, and salt. When exposed to air they react and produce heat. This is called an exothermic process.

WARMEE produces heat up to 55 to 60 degrees Celsius, once they reach its peak and stay warm for 8+ hours. (check out the testimonials section to get some real time feedback)

Is WARMEE environment friendly?

WARMEE is made of all natural ingredients and are safe for the environment. Just use and dispose in your regular trash can.

Which is the right WARMEE for me?

We have designed WARMEE in different shapes and sizes to suit your varied needs. Visit our products page for more detailed information about each and every variant to pick the perfect one for you.

Can WARMEE be applied directly to skin?

WARMEE is safe to handle and use, though people with sensitive skin (especially young children, diabetics, and the elderly) may have reduced sensation to heat and might get redness, to avoid discomfort we recommend using them on a layer of clothing. (Read instructions on the pack before use)

Is WARMEE safe to be taken aboard airplanes?

WARMEE is absolutely safe to be carried aboard or using them during flight. They are completely safe for air travel.

Can we reuse WARMEE?

WARMEE is a one time use product.

Do we need to charge WARMEE?

WARMEE activates by air. WARMEE does not need any external source of heating like electricity, batteries, hot water or oven.

Is it safe to sleep with WARMEE on the body?

We DO NOT recommend sleeping with the warmers directly touching the skin, as it may cause redness or burns by leaving it unattended for too long. You can place the warmers next to you inside your blanket to keep yourself warm.

What variants are available in BluHeat?

There are 2 variants available in BluHeat right now. One is for the Back & Hip and the other for Knee & Elbow. Watch out for more options in the near future.

Can I reuse BluHeat if I don’t want to use it continuously for 8 hours?

BluHeat is a onetime use product. Once its removed from the pack, it will work for 8+ hrs and is to be disposed. thereafter within this period, you may choose to use it as per your convenience.

How do I put the BluHeat pain relief patch on?

Once you remove BluHeat out of the patch, slip it into the pockets provided in the accompanying belt and wear it at the desired part of the body.

May I cut Bluheat to a desired size to fit different parts of the body? Or what do I do if I accidently cut BluHeat? Can I still Use it?

No, you cannot cut the BluHeat patch as it will damage the contents and it will not work.

Even if you accidently damage it, open out the contents, you need to contain the contents and dispose them in a dustbin. It is not possible or advisable to use a damaged BluHeat product.

Should I be concerned about being burnt by BluHeat ?

Most of us will be able to use Bluheat safely without any discomfort. However, one needs to check from time to time during usage for any kind of redness due to prolonged use. Some people may feel discomfort as per their skin sensitivity to heat.

BluHeat should be used as directed. Kindly refer to the instructions given on the back of the pack before use.

How many BluHeat patches can I use at one time.

One should refrain from using more than one patch on the same area and also one should regularly keep checking for any discomfort.

Can Children use BluHeat?

We do not recommend BluHeat pain relief patch for anyone who is not able to check or remove the patch in case of experiencing any discomfort.

What should I do if BluHeat feels too Hot for me?

BluHeat is designed to provide sufficient heat. However, it is not necessary that everyone needs the same amount of heat. Thus, if you find it too hot , you can try using BluHeat over extra layers of clothing to reduce the heat reaching you. If it still feels too hot , you may discontinue the use.

Can I use Bluheat on bruises or areas with swelling?

As per doctors, for the first 24-48 hours, ice pack is recommended. But after the first 48 hrs, heat therapy is said to provide effective pain relief.

Can I use BluHeat along with ointments and lotions.

It is not advisable to mix or employ multiple methods of treatment. Thus, pl employ one approach at a time.

How do I dispose BluHeat patch?

After use, you can safely and conveniently dispose of BluHeat in a dust bin. Be careful to keep it out of reach of chidren.