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Best Heat Therapy Products For Menstrual Discomfort

For some women, periods are all about blood releases and pads, while for most, it is an unbearable 3-5 days journey accompanied by painful cramps, nausea, headaches, and even diarrhoea. The pain worsens when a hot compress or water bottle is of no help because it works at a tortoise speed. This concern led to the entry of the best heat therapy products for menstrual discomfort, i.e., heat patches. In this article, we have listed the most effective heat therapy product for menstrual discomfort. Let's get some insight into its impact.

How do heat therapy products soothe menstrual pain?

The menstruation cycle involves the contraction of uterine muscles to expel the lining. This contraction makes you experience mild to severe pain in the lower belly. In the absence of a poor diet or lifestyle, muscle contraction can also cause severe pain in the lower back, hips, and thighs. When you apply heat to the aching part, this contraction is released. Heat compress improves the functioning of blood vessels and enhances blood circulation. Better blood circulation results in relaxing the contraction between muscles. Scientific studies have also proved that heat therapy products for menstrual discomfort reduce cramps.

BluHeat Cramp Care: The best heat therapy product for periods

When it comes to a convenient period product that provides quick comfort during menstruation cramps, BluHeat Cramp Care heat patches are unbeatable. BluHeat Cramp Care is the best heat therapy product for menstrual pain for the following reasons.

  •  Effective for 8 hours: BluHeat Cramp Care heat patches work for 8 hours. Its heat lasts longer than traditional heat compressors like hot water bottles or bags. Therefore, you don't have to boil water multiple times during periods of pain for relief.
  • Sustainable solution: BluHeat Patch is an eco-friendly solution made of natural products. It neither needs electricity like electric heat pads nor consumes gas for boiling water like hot water bottles. Hence, this easy-to-dispose product is good for the environment.
  • Safe to use: Unlike some heat patches infused with chemicals for fragrance or other reasons, BluHeat Cramp Care heat patches are made with natural ingredients. Thus, it is safe to use and skin-friendly.
  • Convenient to use: BluHeat patches are a portable product. They do not need electricity for heating nor feel bulky like traditional heat compressors. They are lightweight and compact size products that can easily fit in your sling bag.
  • Provide quick relief: BluHeat Cramp Care patches stay firmly at the painful area where you placed them. It carries sufficient heat that lasts longer than any other heat therapy product. Therefore, it soothes the pain and eases the discomfort quickly.

Merits of trusting heat therapy patches over traditional heating products

When you use a hot water bottle for periods, you must boil the water first, then hold it all the time to compress it on the body part. Moreover, it feels bulky because of its weight, causing inconvenience. In addition, the effect does not last more than two to three hours, and you have to heat water again. On the other hand, BluHeat patches come with an adhesive backing. You only have to remove the patch and attach it to the inner side of your innerwear. Wear the patch around the desired body part and get quick comfort for 8 hours.

Thus, it eliminates the hassle of holding a water bottle or pouring hot water multiple times. The electrical heating pad doesn't let you move conveniently because of the heating source. Whether you are alone at home, unable to heat water, or the electric socket is not near your couch, you can still use heat patches to get comfort. Therefore, it is the best heat therapy product to trust for cramps.

Some other beneficial tips for period cramp relief 

While BluHeat is an excellent heat therapy product for menstrual discomfort, some other easy-to-follow tips can also help you deal with your period pain.

  • Build an exercise routine: If you follow a routine comprising meditation, yoga, and exercise, it will manage stress, improve the functioning of all body parts, enhance blood circulation, and provide more strength. It gives you relief from the painful experience of periods.
  • Have a nutritious diet: According to a study, Vitamin B1 and Magnesium are required nutrients to reduce period cramps. Make sure your diet consists of these two nutrients. Vitamin B1 is mainly found in meat, oats, brown rice, peas, etc., whereas green leafy vegetables, nuts, beans, dry fruits, etc., are a rich source of magnesium. Take a healthy and complete diet that fulfils all requirements of your body to avoid excessive pain during periods.
  • Drink sufficient water:  The period involves the blood release that also expels water from your body. This can cause dehydration, which results in period cramps, nausea, and headache. Therefore, drink sufficient water and stay hydrated to cope with period pain.
  • Cinnamon or ginger tea: Cinnamon and ginger have heat-producing and anti-inflammatory elements. Hence, these spices effectively soothe the period cramps. You can have cinnamon or ginger tea to get quick and delicious relief from periods of discomfort.

Wrapping up

It is scientifically proven that heat therapy does wonders during menstruation cramps. The heat patches are the most convenient, portable, and safe-to-use product for quick and long-lasting relief from menstrual discomfort. If you want the best heat therapy product for menstrual cramps, Nysh's BluHeat Cramp Care patches are one of the best heat therapy products for menstrual discomfort. Check out our BluHeat Cramp Care heat patches to add the most effective product to your period essentials.


  1. Is it safe to consume anti-inflammatory drugs for menstrual discomfort?

Although anti-inflammatory drugs are considered a solution for mensuration discomfort, they comprise several side effects like headache, indigestion, and fatigue. In this case, heat therapy products such as heat patches are the perfect solution to ease your period struggle.

  1. Why choose heat therapy patches over traditional heat therapy products?

Prefer heat therapy patches instead of old heat compress for the following reasons:

  •  Heat patches have a thin design that eliminates the bulky, visible, and inconvenient effect of heat pads and hot water bottles.
  • It does not need hot water or electricity to work.
  • Its heat lasts up to hours, offering more comfort than traditional heat therapy products.
  1. Is BluHeat Cramp Care safe to use?
BluHeat Cramp Care heat therapy products for menstrual discomfort comprise natural materials and provide favourable warmth, ensuring no harm to the skin. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly product, safe for both your body and the environment.