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How Does a Heat Pack Help with Period Pain

Getting your period can be an excruciating experience in many ways. You have tasks to complete and places to visit. You never know when an emotional breakdown starts, and you simply want to be tucked up in your bed with a heat pack. You are not alone, believe me. Most people who suffer from period discomfort may turn to heat as a coping mechanism. 

Of course, transporting a plug-in electric heating pad on your commute may prove difficult. However, you now have a solution that could assist you in providing that comfort - temporary heating patches. 

Period pain: What causes them?

The majority of women report suffering period cramps. It's not an enjoyable experience, and you're not alone in dealing with it.

Dysmenorrhea is the scientific word for menstruation discomfort, and there are two types of dysmenorrhea:

Most women suffer period pains as a result of 

  • Primary dysmenorrhea

This is the misery that repeats every time during your periods, attempting to sabotage your intended course yet again.

  • Secondary dysmenorrhea 

A period of discomfort caused by an additional illness or disorder.

Menstrual Cramps Symptoms

Period pain is a common cause of abdominal discomfort in women. Primary dysmenorrhea or ‘period pain’, commences one to two days ahead of your menstruation. Many women may have discomfort for one to three days. You may feel discomfort in your tummy, back, thighs, and hips.

Aside from the familiar tightness and pain, symptoms that frequently accompany period cramps include the following:

  • Being exhausted
  • The pressure inside the abdomen
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Headaches
  • Cramps and Prostaglandins

So, what causes those irritating and painful period cramps?

The underlying cause is a substance known as prostaglandin, which is not a hormone but has hormone-like effects on your body. Our body produces “Prostaglandins,” which burn up endometrial cells during your menstrual cycle. One of the primary effects of prostaglandin is that it causes the uterus to contract.

What are the rewards of using heat patches?

Heat therapy has long been used to relieve pain and muscle stiffness. A heat pack can provide virtually immediate pain relief when applied to an injured area. But why does heat make you feel so nice, and how does it make you feel better?

Applying heat to a painful area stimulates the sensory receptors in your skin, which send signals to your brain. These signals block the transmission of pain signals, resulting in pain relief. Heat also stimulates blood flow to the wounded area, aiding healing.

Heat therapy can help with various conditions, including arthritis, muscle strains, and back pain. There are various ways to incorporate heat therapy into your pain management practice. You put these portable heat patches against your pants in cramped areas such as your stomach or lower back, then wait for the heat to set in and go about your business.

Perks of using heat patches

Furthermore, heat improves blood circulation, which may reduce swelling and fluid retention. Here are a few more advantages of utilising heat patches for period pain now that you know how they work.

  • Practical and simple to operate: A heating pad is a quick and simple solution to relieve pain whenever needed. It only takes minutes to work and provides you the long-lasting relief.
  • Both cozy and adaptable: heat patches are ideal for difficult-to-reach places like your neck, shoulders, and knees because of their soft, long-lasting fabric that is both comfortable to use and simple to shape your body form.
  • Fantastic for chilly weather: During chilly winter evenings, you can utilize a portable heating pad to keep you toasty and comfortable during your periods.

The science of using heat patches to treat cramps

Consider utilizing menstrual heat patches for cramp treatment during your menstrual cycle, which can give focused and calming comfort to help ease the discomfort associated with menstrual cramps.

  • Period discomfort is the cause of tight muscles and poor circulation, which restricts the flow of oxygen. A heat pack helps to increase blood flow, circulation, and oxygen delivery to your abdominal muscles.
  • heat patches are a natural technique to reduce pain and strain by relaxing your muscles. Heating packs are a convenient heat therapy you can use at home if you're in pain.
  • Heat therapy has been proven in scientific studies to help reduce period discomfort. According to a study published in Scientific Reports, applying local heat with heating pads, warm towels, and hot water bottles helps ease stiff, cramped muscles.
  • According to research, using heat to alleviate period cramps may also assist in enhancing blood circulation, which helps reduce inflammation, which leads to pain.

How Does a Heat Pack Help with Period Pain?

Heat treatment is a safe and natural technique to relieve pain and promote healing. Keep on reading how it does so effectively:

  • Relieves tight knots

By gradually raising the temperature of your muscles and joints, heat helps to release tight knots and trigger points.

  • Relaxes inflamed nerve endings

Heat sedates and relaxes inflamed nerve endings, offering immediate relief from pain and discomfort.

  • Increased blood flow

Heat boosts blood flow to the affected area, giving more oxygen and nutrients to the injured tissues while cleaning out waste products and damaged material. This procedure hastens the healing process.

  • Increases metabolism activity

The deep heat from a heat pack can accelerate your natural metabolic rate, increasing the energy available to mend and heal the damage faster.

To Summarise 

A pain reliever is NOT the sole approach to alleviate period discomfort! Natural solutions, appropriate for your lifestyle and can be used anywhere, will help you live a healthier life and eliminate period discomfort. Adopt a healthy diet and use heat patches sparingly to stay snug and toasty. 

BluHeat CrampCare by Nysh provides heat patches that are portable and convenient for your busy lifestyle. Slip them on your bottoms inside the trousers, and you're set to take on the world, whether it's a business trip or a vacation.


Are BluHeat patches harmful to the environment?

BluHeat Cramp Care is produced from completely natural substances and is environmentally friendly. Simply use and discard in your standard garbage can.

How long can I use the BluHeat patch?

The BluHeat patch is designed to be worn for 8 hours. However, ensure that once peeled, you can utilise it several times within that time frame.

How does BluHeat help with my period pain?

BluHeat Cramp Care patch helps alleviate stiff cramps and pain points by gently boosting the body temperature of your muscles and joints. As a result, your period pain will be relieved.