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How do Heat Pads Relieve Period Cramps?

Menstrual cramps are no joke. Studies indicate that almost 80% of women experience period pains at some stage of their life. For some women, menstrual pain and cramps can be so challenging that they find it hard to do even normal activities. While there is no magic wand to help women deal with that time of the month, there is certainly a powerful period pain relief product that promises comfortable and happy periods - Heat Pads. What are heat pads, and how are they helpful in relieving period pain? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about using heat pads for period cramps.

Heat Pads for Cramp Care

For ages, heat has been considered an effective and non-pharmacological method for treating different types of aches and pains, such as backaches, joint pains, sore muscles, muscle spasms, etc., making it a great option for dealing with period pain. Heat pads offer localised heat therapy for pain relief as they boost blood circulation and, as a result, help to relax cramped or tight muscles. When used to relieve period aches, heating pads have a similar effect on uterine muscles, helping them to relax more.

Heat pads are self-heating pain-relieving patches that can be applied to clothing to provide all-day relief. These patches supply therapeutic heat to affected areas to soothe menstrual cramps and period and muscle pains of the abdomen and lower back areas.

How to Use Heat Pads for Cramps?

Heat patches are for one-time use only. Remove one patch from the packet and peel it to reveal the adhesive side. Place on the areas experiencing pain, with the adhesive side against the underwear. Avoid sticking this patch directly on your skin. Make any needed adjustments and gently rub over the adhesive to firmly “lock” it in place. After using it, gently strip it off and discard it.

The heat patch starts to heat up within a few minutes of exposure to air after opening the sleeve. So make sure you open it up just before you intend to apply the heat patch. The patches do not need to be heated in the oven or microwave!

How do Heat Pads Relieve Period Cramps?

The prime culprit behind period pains is a chemical called prostaglandin—a compound that’s not a hormone but exhibits hormone-like properties and effects on your body. During periods, the body produces prostaglandins when it breaks down endometrial cells during the menstrual cycle. The prostaglandins, thus released, trigger uterine contractions, leading to painful periods. As the uterine walls contract more than usual (a common process during menstruation), it reduces the oxygen flow to your muscles, resulting in menstrual cramps. A heating pad offers targeted and soothing comfort to help ease the discomfort associated with menstrual cramps.

Cramps result from tightened muscles and poor oxygen flow to various tissues. A heating pad helps your blood vessels expand, pumping oxygenated blood to sore joints and tired muscles. This vasodilation also facilitates increased flow of nutrients to the injured tissues and alleviates period pain.

Heating pads offer a natural, drug-free way to relieve pain and pressure. Moreover, heating pads are an extremely convenient and accessible form of localised heat therapy that allows you to do it right from the comfort of your home whenever you are experiencing pain. Studies also support the fact that heat therapy is more effective at relieving cramps than any analgesic medication.

Buy the Best Heat Pads for Period Cramps Care

From warm compresses to hot water bottles, heat has long been a home remedy for menstrual cramps. And heat patches offer a great way to apply localised heat to a specific area, often for longer periods. Heat patches can be worn under your clothing, making them great for relief when you prefer to keep things private. This versatile pain reliever allows you to choose the most convenient heat therapy solution for managing discomfort and promoting relaxation. Additionally, with compact size, heat patches are comfortable to wear and let you move around easily so you’re not stuck on the couch.

Fight Back at Painful Periods with Heat Pads

Even though cramps are a natural occurrence, it’s not something that you can’t get a little help with! BluHeat Cramp Care from Nysh are oval-shaped heat patches that provide 8+ hours of targeted and soothing relief of period cramps. These heat patches supply optimum heat (approximately 39oC or 102°F) to affected areas such as the lower abdomen or lower back and help the uterus relax, which offers natural relief for cramps.

The BluHeat Cramp Care from Nysh is a budget-friendly adhesive heat patch that offers quick and effective cramp relief on the go. They are made to start heating up when you open them and place them on the affected area. They are small, discreet, and easy to apply. What’s more to love? They contain ingredients that are natural, non-toxic, and skin-friendly.


Which is the best place to apply a heating pad on the body to soothe period pain?

The person suffering the pain understands the areas that need to be comforted. Hence, the placement of heat pads depends on where one is experiencing pain. However, it is usually recommended to place a heating pad on your lower abdomen or lower back, as this is usually where you feel maximum pain during menstruation. 

Are there any contraindications while using a heat patch?

Although heat patches contain non-toxic and natural ingredients, they should be used alone. Using them in conjunction with any skin medication, topical heat creams and gels or any other heat sources should be avoided. Heat patches can potentially cause skin irritations, burns or blisters if they are used incorrectly or for prolonged duration. In case of skin sensitivity or if the patch feels too hot, remove the patch immediately and discontinue use. Always follow the directions for use mentioned on the pack.

Is it okay to sleep with a heat patch on?

Heat pads are excellent tools to provide heat-based pain relief for up to 8 hours, helping you manage pain. However, they should be removed before bed, as prolonged pressure on the heat pads is not recommended. Read the instructions on the pack for judicious use of the heat pads for menstrual cramps.